Bringing together and guiding merchants for the development of local businesses


Artères provides professional management services for commercial arteries and downtown districts.

Our Approach


Our services are aimed at municipalities, boroughs, merchants’ associations, commercial development corporations (CDC) and economic development organizations.

Strategic counsel:

Professional support, diagnosis and strategic plan, business development and commercial recruitment, best practices and research.

Mobilizing merchants:

leading working groups and discussions, engaging merchants, presentations on best practices, support in the process of creating an CDC and associations, editorial services.

Governance and management:

organizational diagnostics, professional guidance, procedures for members’ meetings and boards of directors, regulations (internal, municipal and provincial).


Pierre Boudreault, senior consultant and founder of Artères, has more than 20 years of experience as a director and manager of commercial arteries and downtown districts. He has developed multidisciplinary expertise in consulting, managing merchants’ associations and research into best practices. To find out more, see his profile on LinkedIn.

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